Benzuzo is a great way of motivating and rewarding your team. It's a hive of activity that provides your teams with offers and content that is:
  • Rewarding - Hundreds of brands providing you with discounts and offers that are guaranteed to save you valuable pounds
  • Healthy – Our wellbeing tips will help keep you fit, healthy and motivated all without stepping foot inside a gym or costing you valuable time or money
  • Green – We’re giving back too – together we’re protecting the precious honeybee, without whom our landscape would look a lot different and pollination simply wouldn’t happen the way it does




    We can provide you with exclusive access to discounts and offers with 100's of brands ranging from Argos, Boots and Currys ......to Sainsbury's, Madame Tussauds and Pizza Hut. You can get discounts of up to 20%, ensuring that you have more disposable cash at the end of the month. Discounts come in the form of reloadable gift cards, online digital codes and single use gift cards.


    We want to help you make the office a healthier, more energising and more productive workplace. With valuable tips on how to make delicious healthy lunches, to quick workouts you can do in your lunch-break, and ideas for getting creativity flowing in meetings, we have all the information you need to bee the best you can be.


    As well as getting access to all the amazing offers, discounts and information provided - every person who signs up to Benzuzo is helping to save the Honeybee. We have partnered with The British Beekeepers Association, guardians of these little wonders, to create awareness of what we can all do to help, both individually and collectively.


Have a look at how you can benefit from Benzuzo.


Do you want to recruit, retain and motivate the best employees available? For less than the price of a jar of honey each month you can provide your employees with a rewarding benefits scheme that could save them hundreds of pounds.


Benzuzo features discounts, offers and flash retail sales, as well as health and wellbeing advice to help maintain focus and improve productivity. If that isn't enough, by rewarding your employees you are also helping to save the honeybee. Enquire now to see how you could benefit.



Do you want to have more disposable income available at the end of the month and access to some of the best offers available on the internet? Browse the latest offers and discounts of up to 40% from 100's of retailers.


Benzuzo brings you an exciting benefits package that allows you to save money every month on food shopping, dining, travel, or buying that all important new outfit. We also provide access to healthy recipes and wellbeing advice.



Do you want to have access to 1,000's of individuals all looking for ways to increase the value of their spend? All offers and discounts are displayed to closed company networks only, keeping the integrity of your brand.


If you have the right offer then we are able to put your brand and offer in front of 1,000's of individuals who use this site regularly to access better ways to spend their money.



It costs less than a jar of honey a month to provide your employees with a great range of benefits.

Just £2 per employee, per month. For just £24 per year each employee could save themselves up to £1,000.

As well as the benefits that Benzuzo can provide for your team, you should also consider the benefits it can bring to your company.

Happy employees means happy customers. Building brand loyalty must start from within.

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